Tranquility by the Nile

Tranquility by the Nile

Tranquilo Tempo Kahrawy  (  قهراوي)


Yes it is possible to unwind in the busiest noisiest place in Egypt, we know it sounds bizarre but the capital has a serene side that we didn’t know about or we only get to know when everyone is on the vacation outside of Cairo and we decide to just hang back this time around, Well you don’t have to wait! Thinking about ways to tranquilize yourself in the Capital without having to make ridiculous decisions, here are the top 5 places to go to turn on your Tranquilo Tempo On!


Felucca Cruise

Yes as simple as a Felucca ride to be tranquil, away from all traffic and all pollution a Felucca cruise is the perfect way to ease your way into a serene you with every simmering Nile wave, but we do recommend bringing on board your own music for fine tuning of that tempo you want to reach.


Devarana Spa – Dusit Thani

It goes without saying that visiting a spa instantly triggers an unwinding journey in our heads, being pampered from head to toe! Well, this particular Spa will give you that and more, Devarana is built around the concept of a garden in heaven creating a stress-relieving environment, in addition to the welcoming Thai design that invites guests to traditional Thai service and hospitality.


Cairo Tower

There’s something about panoramas that takes the breath away and calms it at the same time, a view from the highest point in Cairo will put you on cloud 9 or at least literally close to it! Skip the regular tour and go for dinner up high in the sky, your tasting senses will be heightened at that altitude, we assure you!


Road 9

Yes! Road 9 Maadi, whether you are a Maadist or regular-ist! You can’t deny the beauty of this road! With lush greens on every side of the street and the cozy neighborhood that makes it an attraction for all expats! We don’t usually recommend walking in Cairo but when it comes to this particular mesmerizing road, WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE IT! There’s so much to enjoy from food, coffee, or a simple afternoon hangout with your friends, it’s easy to get to by subway, so you don’t have to worry about your means of transportation.



Mohamed Aly Club

A Club known for hosting the best outdoor weddings as it’s exactly what every bride sees in her wedding dreams, green lush gardens and tall beautiful palm trees stretching all the way down to the Nile, it’s a place to connect back to earth without leaving the capital. Going there for a picnic on a sunny weekend will tone down your weekly high tempos.



See, it’s possible! You can be tranquil among all chaos, only if you really want to, be sure that we will always recommend you the best options out there in every city, watch out for the Tranquilo Tempo because it’s coming your way and you can’t run from its soothing vibes!