Night in Thrills!

Night in Thrills!


Spending a night in especially in our 20’s is probably the best idea ever! Nothing beats a laid-back night full of throwback movies, series, take out, dancing, board games, arts & crafts…etc

We spent several nights exploring all kinds of activities that can be done in the comfort of your own home, or your friend’s even!


The Top 8 Night in Activities are;



Poppin Corn and watching that scary movie you couldn’t dare to watch by yourself! Yes, we did watch “The Nun” and we still screamed at the top of our lungs! Or you can opt out for the dramatic romance you love watching over and over again, crying your heart out, so bring your squad and prepare your napkins because misery does love company!!


  1. Wedding Night!

Don’t let the heading throw you off,… we lose ourselves on the dance floor and we forget that there’s a videographer documenting all your ridiculous moves! Gather around your best friend’s wedding day video and laugh at yourself with your friends! Always a good idea to lighten up and giggle the night away!


  1. Game Night!

No, we don’t mean the movie but it was a good one, right!? Don’t get scared now, we mean no harm, only FUN FUN FUN! As much as outdoor games are fun as much as indoor games are better to give you more space to get crazy and embarrass yourself, like truth or dare or twister, monopoly, Pictionary, card games, dominoes, puzzles, treasure hunt, Never have I ever, Would you rather, Charades, Telephone and many more… You’re never too old for GAME NIGHT! #GoldenRule


  1. Dance Revolution Night!

Welcome to the safest zone to bring out your most ridiculous self! Yes if you’re one of the people who refrain from dancing in public worried about getting embarrassed…You’re Safe…Let’s Dance to all kinds of beats!! Just so you know EVERYONE CAN DANCE!


  1. Karaoke Night!

People throw things at you at karaoke clubs because you have such an angelic voice! Well, we can’t do anything about your voice and we promise you that you’ll enjoy singing at the top of your lungs hitting notes that never existed ever! Disclaimer though, your friends might still throw things at you, just learn how to dodge and you’ll be alright.


  1. Foodie Night!

It’s not declared a thrilling NIGHT IN without FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Yes, that’s another #GoldenRule you should never forget about!

For every night in you can set ahead what will you be eating; Pizza Night, Sushi Night, Italian Night, Indian Night… or you can simply mix it up!

Don’t even try to count calories, you’ll lose your breath, save it for more eating! (This part is sponsored by the Foodie Devil)


  1. Arts & Crafts Night..!

Sounds Cheesy, right?! Well if you try it out, you wouldn’t think so, with so many businesses built upon a simple DIY, it’s a really fun thing to create something from scratch that you can add to your home or your wardrobe! Let’s bring out that inner craftsman and artist in each and every one!


If you’re warming up to the idea of having a thrilling NIGHT IN, we an additional tip for you, try to make every night in with a certain theme, based on the food you’ll eat or the movie you’ll watch, you can also wear fitting costumes while you’re at it! Night in Thrilling Fun has absolutely no limit! Go ahead and share with us your favorite kind of a Night in and we’ll make sure to mention it next time!