Top Egyptian fashion designers you should be following

Top Egyptian fashion designers you should be following

Egyptian attire hasn’t always been so open to the world. Apart from the culture standards and limitations of what to wear and what not to wear., it hasn’t always been that easy.

Going back to the ancient times where pharos roamed around the Egyptian pyramids, wearing nothing but subtle loincloth or short kilts to get through the heat.

Over the decades, fashion has changed. Nowadays fashion has become very OUTSPOKEN to say the least. Attire has become a way of self-expression. A presentation of whom a person really is.

The 21st century has had its share of fashion do’s and fashion don’ts. In Egypt, Egyptian designers have been trying to make a statement in the fashion industry. In this article you will come across the most known Egyptian fashion designers that have not only come out, they have also made a HUGE style impact worldwide.

To name a few of the over accomplished designers;

          1. Farida Temraza


The only Egyptian designer that has been awarded such outstanding awards for her fashion line.
This woman has got us all hooked on everything she does! Her fashion line got the 1st place awarded from Paris Fashion Week & Best Female Couture Designer in New York Fashion Week. Do we need to continue?


         2. Mohanad Kojak


Mohanad Kojak’s fashion line speaks for itself! It’s not about just the clothing; he presents it as a lifestyle. Creativity has always been his forte; he’s an artist before a designer. The best thing about Mohanad Kojak is that he experiments! He’s a rebel at his own game & he won’t stop fighting!


          3. Amr Saad Artisan


Amr Saad Artisan is an eyewear designer that is worn by EVERY celeb. These days Artisan is launching his first jewelry line. He is also expected to be one of the frontrunners in the MENA region to be the GO-TO on jewelry and eyewear.


          4. Okhtein


Social Media has done these sisters justice! Egyptian sister design duo Aya and Mounaz Abdel Raouf first launched their brand Okhtein (sisters) in 2013. Okhtein is a purse line that is handmade in Egypt and has NOW been worn worldwide! Their style is never ordinary, it’s unexpected, and it’s FASHION!


          5. Dina Shaker


Dina Shaker’s fashion line is nothing short of exceptional. The way how her designs speak for themselves is beyond any imagination. Diversity is definitely where she aims for.


          6. Djewelled


We all love accessories right? Dena Essam is the designer of Djewelled. It is a simple, FRESH, and epically modern jewelry brand. They offer 18k gold, diamonds that are worn by every celebrity, like Amina Khalil & have gone worldwide.


          7. Norine Farah


Norine Farah is a born & raised Alexandrian fashion designer. That started her first fashion line at Cairo Festival City Mall, now she is a brand ambassador for Huawei, dressing celebrities all across the nation with her in famous haute couture.

And so it continues…fashion shouldn’t have any limitations or barriers, fashion should speak for itself! Egypt is coming for you world, & you better watch out!