Underrated Spots in Alexandria to Tranquilize

Underrated Spots in Alexandria to Tranquilize

Tranquilo Tempo  Eskandarany/ اسكندراني

With everything moving so fast nowadays, we rarely have time for ourselves, but sooner or later the stress of the fast pace life gets to us and forces us to take a vacation to simply unplug and recharge.

What if I told you can do this on a regular without putting a lot of effort into planning, all you would need is the intention to unwind and give in to tranquility.

Thankfully the Mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea “Alexandria” is the perfect city to set the right “Tranquillo Tempo”.

With our TOP 8 Spots, you’ll find every experience giving off a kind of tranquility that’s different from the other.

  • Montaza Park

If you’re into lush green gardens or into serene blue waves, you’ll find Montaza to be the best spot to wander off into a parallel universe, walking the shores, having a picnic, breathing in the freshly cut grass and the salty breeze taking your worries away.

Nobody really gets bored there; it sets in harmony with your soul, the grass, the sand, the water, the skies, and the trees. Walk freely into nature and let yourself be.


  • Sky Roof – Windsor Palace Rooftop.

Feel like being on top of the World, well the city in this case;This rooftop holds a great overview of the city’s mesmerizing corniche and luckily if you fancy the sensational combo of good food and soulful music, with no doubt you will love it up there, indulging in delectable food, satisfying your taste buds while feasting your eyes on the shimmering blue Mediterranean Sea, Now, who wouldn’t love that!


  • Gleem’s Pier

One of the best piers in Alexandria, the best spot to capture sea panoramas while enjoying the breathtaking view. Also known to be a good spot to have a one on one with yourself while watching the sunset and reflecting on your life.


  • Bahary

Well, where to start! With Bahary you can enjoy so many things, from sea view to exceptional seafood & ice cream, to fishing, to hopping on a boat and experiencing the salty sea breeze.

For old souls, the sea wave sounds are music to their ears, combine that with fresh air and good company, you’ll make a lifetime worth of memories with such a simple combo.

If you want to embrace your inner artist, you can always visit the anciently built homes, choose your muse and be inspired to capture it in a shot or in a painting of your own. You should always embrace different sides of yourself and inspire them to grow into being.


  • Hilton King’s Ranch Spa

You will definitely need a car for this one; the perfect getaway from the traffic and the city odors, what a way to soothe yourself and relax. Massages to make the stress melt away, gain your wellbeing back and rejuvenate yourself. We always have a misconception about Spas that it’s only for pampering, hence not being a necessity in your life to invest in some spa time, well let me tell you that IT IS A NECESSITY! Balancing your mind and body helps to create a new state of mental and physical health, also your beauty and self-esteem elevate to a whole new level.


  • Alexandria Opera House

Nothing better than music to calm your nerves and set you on the right brain wave to tone down life’s pace.

At the Alexandria Opera House which is also known as “Sayed Darwish Theatre”, you’ll always find happiness for your ears, on point tunes unwinding the tangled wires in your mind with every note played. You always find happiness there, if it’s not in a symphony being played, then it will be in a song being sung or a dance being performed, you will always find something that delights your senses.


  • Stanley Bridge on a Friday Morning

We still haven’t discovered the magical charm of Friday Mornings in Alexandria, but it sure has us all under a spell. Friday Mornings is the perfect time to see everyone practicing their hobbies with a carefree attitude; running, cycling, skating or motorcycling even. Some of us though prefer to sit back, sip on a cup of coffee, be inspired by that scenery and pour words on a piece of paper and others reading it.


  •  Fish Island

Serenity is truly manifested in this restaurant. Looking over Marriott Lake while eating freshly fished and cooked to perfection seafood, the scenery will make your heart skip a beat. Honestly, you don’t need company when you have a good meal and an outstanding view, that’s the complete package right there!

It might be a longer drive than your usual go-to eatery, but the drive is totally worth it.


You don’t have to unwind only on the weekends; it can be done after work or before work, depending on whether you are a morning person or a night owl.

Do give yourself the time to breathe, relax and unplug on a regular, don’t underestimate the power of some one on one time with yourself, a quality time that brings you high returns without even noticing.

Once you commit to it, you’ll find yourself more productive with heightened mental and physical energy being recharged daily. Tranquillo is a way of life, a peaceful and mindful one indeed.