You have obviously heard about how important breakfast is from an uncountable number of people, but we’re here to tell you that it isn’t only what you’re having for breakfast that really matters, the VIEW is actually what makes it worthwhile, fulfills your hunger and enriches your appetite for life. Are you a Beach person, River person, Lake Person, Palm tree person or an Oak tree person, into shimmering blues or lush greens? We got something for everyone…

Marveling at nature while pleasing your taste buds with soulful food heightens your morning and leads up to a ripple effect, from a beautiful morning to a beautiful day!

Here are the top 7 places to indulge in views to amuse and food suggestions you can’t refuse.


1. Stanley Bridge – Alexandria

No one can’t argue with how breathtaking the view from the bridge is. Every restaurant you’ll enter in Stanly, you’ll find a waiting list for the tables looking over the bridge. We recommend Gad Restaurants if you feel like oriental cuisine and Costa if you feel like western cuisine.



2. Everyday Café – Dahab

You might have heard about it before, because of its unmatchable whimsical ambiance, music, food, view, and the people, it’s just the full package you crave for, especially in the morning.



3. Ralph’s German Bakery – Dahab

We can’t speak of Dahab and not mention the famous “Ralph’s German Bakery” their masterfully baked goodies and their cooked to perfection plates. As you walk down a street that looks like it’s out of an Italian tour guidebook, even if you don’t want a bite to eat, the mouthwatering smell will pull you in and you’ll find yourself devouring their freshest bakes.


4. Elephantine Island – Aswan

No denying that Sofitel Legend Old Cataract in Aswan will go down in history as an unforgettable landmark that should be visited at least once in a lifetime, well history aside, having breakfast there at “The Terrace” is something out of this world, people come from around the world to experience the blend of their rich food and the mesmerizing Nile view.


5. Mena House – Cairo

There’s something about being around ancient heritage that captivates your soul, nothing says ancient like the majestic Great Pyramids of Giza, imagine having your continental breakfast to such a view, Now that’s what we call a breakfast to die for!

6. Panorama Hotel – Port Said

Ironically the name speaks for itself; the hotel rooftop gives you an astounding panoramic view of Port Said along the Mediterranean Sea. A view that doesn’t need company and a breakfast that doesn’t need sharing, it’s your feast and your feast only.


7. Casino El Shatby – Alexandria

Imagine a glass house by the seashore, eating breakfast to the sounds of rhythmic waves and warm healing sunshine, want to feel like flying over the sea or dive your feet in the cool sand as you munch on delicious delicacies, GUESS WHAT, YOU CAN!


Next time you’re having breakfast, especially on a weekend, plan for an unforgettable one, make a trip out of it while you’re at it, solitude trip or a big gathering, make a happy memory that will last a lifetime.