The Egyptian Fitness Mania

The Egyptian Fitness Mania


Today‘s Fitness industry in Egypt has grown into a vast platform with a great impact on people, people no longer have to be a member of a sporting club to play sports, or exercise just because they grew up to be an athlete like their parents, everyone’s chance and opportunity to become an athlete is the same and fitness goals are now more achievable with more experts day in and day out helping people attain them.

Aside from your identity as a person, the sports industry affected the identity of everyone, letting everyone add something to their Instagram bio or Facebook profile description.

Here are the top trending sports identities in Egypt today;


  1. Cross Fitter

The infamous ever-growing sport, Crossfit! Since Reebok launched the Crossfit Games, naming competitors the Fittest in the world, Egypt’s Fitness fanatics have been adopting their dictionary and taking their courses to train people to be the fittest in Egypt and the world, if you’re a cross-fitter then you’ll understand us the following without breaking a sweat WOD, EMOM, AMRAP, HRPU, OHS, T2B…etc


  1. Weight Lifter

The ever growing sport, Weightlifting! A sport we all came to know from bodyguards, they were the ultimate sign of a Gym Hitter. Mr. Muscle today doesn’t have to be a bodyguard to call himself a weightlifter, with competitions for amateurs all around the world, the amateurs turn into professional competitors with the simple dedication to practicing powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic weightlifting. If you’re a weightlifter then the following words will make perfect sense to you; Your ROM has to be perfect no matter what kind of sets are you doing, drop sets, giant sets, negative sets, trisets or supersets!


  1. Yogi

You will rarely find a house without a yoga mat nowadays in Egypt, everyone has attempted to practice yoga at least once! Especially with yoga classes being offered in all fitness studios. With the stressful pace of life, yoga comes in handy in calming that pace and growing your mindful self, aside from the complex yoga stances, the meditation and the breathing involved in yoga helps clear your mind and sets everything in its right place. If you’re a true yogi, you would know that Savasana is the best thing about yoga classes to ease your Pranayama but it’s also quite refreshing to start your day with a sun salutation followed by a Vinyasa that includes Tadasana, Utkatasana…etc.


  1. Swimmer

Swimming was only known to the people from Champions like Rania Elwany and nowadays from Farida Osman, but no one really attempted to be an amateur swimmer just for fun. Today you will find dedicated swimmers in every pool available in Egypt with their stopwatches, swimming gear with their coaches tracking their progress. Everyone is turning into mermaids and aqua men, the water hasn’t had so many fish since the beginning of time and we love it!



Finishing laps, attempting half marathons, and full on marathons is a regular thing to you if you’re an authentic runner! Joining Nike Running club and following Nike Fitness ambassadors as role models to help you become a better runner is highly recommended especially if you’re still starting out! Better prepare that playlist if long distance running is becoming your thing!


  1. Cyclist

Aside from our childhood bicycle rides, the cyclist takes bicycle riding to a whole new level, with attempting to ride across cities and sharing with the world their journey, the cycling community has gained astounding popularity especially with celebrities joining in like Tara Emad.

  1. Duathlete

For the people who got bored with attempting one sport, thought about why not combine 2 sports, long distance running and cycling! Duathletes aren’t satisfied with simply one sport, they like to pump it up! They are what we call SUPERHUMAN!


  1. Triathlete

If you call yourself proudly a TRIATHLETE attempting 3 sports running, swimming and cycling, then you know you are some kind of superhero with supernatural fitness and health powers that only a few can compete with, because simply they wouldn’t have called the triathlete’s ultimate competition, “THE IRONMAN”,it goes without saying that triathletes are hard to be defeated in any battle!

Runners, cyclists, and swimmers usually work their way up to being triathletes by first introducing themselves to an extra sport by being a duathlete then eventually reach that superhuman level!

Here are the top 3 teams of triathletes representing Egypt and competing nationally and internationally.

Today you’re either a weightlifter, powerlifter, a cross-fitter, a yogi, a swimmer, a runner, a cyclist, a duathlete or a triathlete, surprisingly this identity have had a very positive effect on people’s lifestyles, turning everyone into healthier better versions of themselves, Share with us your identity even if you have a different one than the ones mentioned above and we promise to write about it next!