The Real Egyptian Superheroes

The Real Egyptian Superheroes


Today all over the world the light is being shed on the people with disabilities to celebrate them, but let’s give them a celebration that they truly deserve, they have been changing our mindsets decade after decade, proving us wrong and telling us that the only true disability is in THE MIND!

No matter what kind of disability you have, the only thing that will stop you from dreaming and fulfilling your dreams is your mindset!

It goes without saying that they are differently abled, they are different in every way, they inspire us on a daily, succeeding in so many fields from science to art to sports even, and nothing can truly stop them from doing what they want to do with their lives.

Egyptians have excelled especially in sports, our Egyptian National Paralympic Committee (ENPC), have made us proud in every Paralympic Championship and now they need us the most to support them on their road to Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games;

Here are a few of the announced Paralympians, or what we like to call “The Egyptian Superheroes”

Ibrahim Badr

Discus and Javelin gold medal champion, who represented Egypt in several international championships among which are Fazaa Championship, African and Middle East Championship, and he came back with gold medals back in the ’90s but he’s still considered to be one of the Paralympic champions to watch out for in the upcoming world tournaments as he always promises to break a record every championship.


Fatma Mahrous

The youngest weight-lifting champion in the Egyptian team on the Egyptian Paralympic Committee.

The youngest of them all yet the one with the most gold in her career as a Paralympic athlete, she’s known for her strong drive and self-motivation which will definitely help her prepare herself mentally and physically for TOKYO 2020 Paralympic games.


Hany El Sayed

Paralympic Swimming gold medal champion on the swimming team in the Egyptian Paralympic Committee.

Hany is known for always winning Gold Nationally and almost every international championship, but he has guaranteed several silver and bronze medals under his belt. He participated in championships held in Mexico, England, and Rio de Janeiro in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively.


Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Sitting volleyball gold medal champion, representing Egypt in World Championships.

Ahmed Abdel Fattah is a member of the sitting volleyball team. Ahmed participated in the 2016 Rio Paralympics championship, winning a bronze medal with his team. At the peak of his athletic career in 2017, Ahmed won gold in the African Championship in Rwanda,, leading the team to the International Volleyball competitions in 2018.


Mostafa Fathalla

Four-time gold medallist and Paralympics athletic legend.

Mostafa Fathalla is an accomplished Paralympian and bodybuilder, with numerous championships under his belt. In addition, Mostafa has received numerous medals including a silver in The Arab Games, Qatar, 2011, and gold in the African Games in Mozambique in 2011.


 Ayatallah Ayman Abbas

Egypt’s first female swimmer in the Paralympics.

Aya Ayman Abbas is an Egyptian Paralympic swimming champion, who received the Egypt Cup three times. Aya’s athletic career highlight is winning a silver medal in the 100m freestyle in the World Para-Swimming Championships in Mexico and a medal in the 400m freestyle. In winning these medals, Aya achieved a new national record as the first female Egyptian and/or African swimmer to be placed in these two events since 1910.


One of the great initiatives by corporates like Allianz Egypt and Bp Egypt is making those Paralympic athletes their brand ambassadors through sponsoring and supporting them on their path to breaking world records in all sports.

Our goal as a nation is to support and develop the lives of the Egyptian para-athletes and everyone with disabilities by providing opportunities and resources to help them compete and excel on the world stage in all fields and that starts with giving them the recognition they deserve and celebrating International Day of People with Disability.