Mo Salah; Most valuable player in PL

Mo Salah; Most valuable player in PL

Mohamed Salah, Mo Salah, Fakhr El Arab, and the list goes on of what to call the most esteemed Egyptian Football Player & the Premier League star. Mohamed Salah has been ranked the fourth most valuable player worldwide, which puts him in the number 1 spot in the Premier League.

KPMG has estimated the Egyptian Footballer, Salah, to be valued at €168.3m based on his playing position, his media & commercial potential, and a list that goes on.

Top 10 list:

1. Neymar, PSG: €229.1m

2. Kylian Mbappe, PSG: €215m

3. Lionel Messi, Barcelona: €203.3m

4. Mohamed Salah, Liverpool: €168.3m

5. Harry Kane, Tottenham: €151.1m

6. Eden Hazard, Chelsea: €148.2m

7. Kevin De Bruyne, Man City: €129.4m

8. Antoine Griezmann, Atletico Madrid: €125.6m

9. Paul Pogba, Man United: €119.3m

10. Philippe Coutinho, Barcelona: €118.2m


People will say what they want about him, but he is not and will never be a One Season Wonder, he will always rise and make us Egyptians and the whole world proud!