Surviving Your Twenties

Surviving Your Twenties

We’re not here to make your twenties or lives better, or easier to say the least. We are here to give you a piece of our mind to encourage you to do better, to go BIGGER, this is the TIME YOU SHOULD BE LIVING YOUR LIFE, TAKING RISKS, CHANGING, BECOMING YOURSELF!

Every person needs tips for surviving their 20’s. No doubt, it is the toughest period in any humans’ life! It’s a time where you go from being an irresponsible kid to a full grown adult. Yes, there will be ups and definitely tons of downs, MASS confusions, pure and utter JOY, and of course CRAZY humiliations, but it’s the BEST time of our lives. WE’RE LEGAL!

Starting with this question; ask yourself, how would you speak to your nineteen-year-old self? What survival tips would you give him/her to survive your twenties?

Got your answers? Let us in, let us hear your voice. This isn’t just what happens in BAS FI MASR, it’s who happened in BAS FI MASR and survived.

This time’s topic will be; BREAK-UPS, ENDING FRIENDSHIPS, CHOOSING THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER. We are all pretty familiar with today’s topics, right?

These topics have one thing in common and that’s the disappointment. If you’ve come up with the same conclusion that was just mentioned, then YOU’RE WRONG. Ending a relationship whether it’s a friendship or a romantic one isn’t the end of the world. It is only the beginning. The beginning of moving on. Sure, break-ups feel like our hearts have been ripped out and stepped on [numerous times I may add], but have you asked yourself why it ever ended, or how it ended? Take a moment to reminisce about how that relationship affected you and your twenties whether it was positively or negatively, which honestly it might have been both, it had to be.

Maybe it ended because it was only meant to last for a little while, but you came out of it with perspectives, with the knowledge to know better next time. To be different next time. To know what and what not to do NEXT TIME.

A relationship ending is not the end.

Choose the right people for oneself takes maturity. It takes knowing who you are and what you want and most importantly what YOU need. A person needs comfort, respect, and trust. Remember, that everyone has different needs. You need to be comfortable with the person that you are, with the person you’re with and with the person you want to be.

During your twenties, you might not even know those things. Funny thing is, no one really knows who they want when they’re growing up, but days help us figure that out, figure everything out.

Turning twenty does not mean you’re all grown up. It only means things will get harder and days will get longer. Brace yourselves and choose the right ones to live those days and those years with. AT THE END OF THE DAY, look at it this way; life is all about the seconds, the minutes, the moments that we share. CHOOSE WHOM YOU WANT TO SHARE THEM WITH.

Looking forward to next time’s topics, we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss them.

Share with us your thoughts, even.