Those Simple Egyptian Gatherings..IN CALORIES!

Those Simple Egyptian Gatherings..IN CALORIES!

It’s not really an Egyptian thing to think about the food you’ll eat on your next get together with your friends and family, but it’s definitely an Egyptian thing to bring everything out on the table and invite the whole neighborhood! Yes, we’re certainly known for our generosity. Egyptian big bellies are quite the proof and calorie counting is the last thing on our minds!

The thing is about us Egyptians, we relate pretty much anything to food and make a ceremony out of it! We give every memory a taste that would last forever. Be careful our food is far from figure friendly, we literally throw feasts, and we definitely don’t count calories. Fatty and delicious is the perfect description, every dish heals any cracks in your heart and soul! We’ll let you in on a little secret, You know how did the Egyptians survive in this world so far… it’s the FOOOOOOOD!

Today we’ll share with you some traditions that we Egyptians developed to have a joyous time around food! Disclaimer; The Calories Might Shock You!



We Egyptians have formed an ideology in our head that whatever fatty food you have for breakfast, you’re going to burn it off the rest of the day…So we eat LIKE CHAMPIONSLIKE KINGS!
No matter what class you are in the Egyptian society, Fava Beans (250 Cals) have made it to your breakfast! Not just that, Falafel (320 Cals), Omelette (190Cals), Fried Cheese (380 Cals), Fries (312 Cals), Fried Eggplants (250 Cals), Tahini Dip (200 Cals), Baba Ganoush Dip (120 Cals), White Cheese with tomatoes (150 Cals)… this is just to begin with. Some may create variations of all of those traditional dishes or even create a whole new dish with everything in it!
Breakfast doesn’t stop here,
dessert comes in next…whether you decide to havetahini and molasses (880 Cals), or cream with jam (670 Cals), or Tahini Halva (150 Cals) or again put everything in a sandwich and enjoy the ultimate sweetness!Usually, this feast takes place on Friday morning, just in case anyone drops into a state of sleep right after!




This is by far the most popular hot drink in Egypt! It’s so sacred, people have started cliques over their love for MILK TEA! For some of us, if the first cup of MILK TEA in our day is not done right, the day is doomed! So whether you like more milk than tea, or more tea than milk, or half and a half… every small detail is crucial to pulling off the perfect cup of tea! Comes in next…THE COMPANION! No, not your own companion, but the MILK TEA buddy…BOKSOMAT! Whether you like the crunch or the dip…Boksomat will always be the best companion ever created for milk tea! But every now and then we love to have some biscuits and cookies especially around the time of Eid Al Fitr Feast. This lovely tradition’s calories may vary according to the milk you use on your team and how many sugars you take, but what we definitely know is the Boksomat stick is 60 Cals and the tea biscuit is around 38 Cals. 


Family weekly Gathering (3,523 cals)

Here comes the ULTIMATE FEAST OF THE WEEK…All the ladies of the family create menus that could stuff hungry people who haven’t eaten for years. The menu is not divided into courses, everything is served altogether, YOU SIT…YOU EAT FOR HOURS!! Having several options for everything, the basic menu usually has the following; Chicken Cream Soup (300 Cals), Fried Rice with Mixed Nuts (570Cals), Stuffed Vegetables with rice (450Cals), Pasta with Bechamel (440 Cals), Stuffed Pigeons (803 Cals), Fried Chicken (370Cals), Veal Picatta (490 Cals), and last but not least Green Salad with Balsamic dressing (100 Cals)… We feel full already but we have to tell you that the same table is later on filled with desserts; YOU GET THE PICTURE! We basically cook, serve and eat everything in one sitting!


These are just a few of so many Egyptian Food related Traditions and the calories they bring along, so if you’re on a diet, we suggest you skip them all or eat the healthy version of all we mentioned above.

Share with us your favorite and if we missed any of the traditions, tell us and we’ll definitely mention it next time and its calories too!