Your 2019 Guide To Fitness Classes in Egypt

Your 2019 Guide To Fitness Classes in Egypt

By the beginning of every year, New Year’s Resolutions are a must! Tops the list of resolutions is adopting a healthy lifestyle and working out. Automatically most of us translate that in our minds as “NEW GYM MEMBERSHIP“; thinking that if money is paid then it’ll be motivation enough to actually make it to the gym.

Let me break it down for you, no amount of money is capable of doing that, it’s all in your mind. Nevertheless, there are ways to make yourself enjoy a workout without feeling bored. Fitness Classes; the oldest invention in the book of fitness but we hardly ever recognize the variety of classes offered and we keep thinking they are not result-oriented.

In 2018, classes have proved effective among a wide population, forcing GYMs to create a big facility to host them. 

Here are the TOP 12 classes that combine FITNESS & FUN for everyone to enjoy in 2019!


1.Aerial Yoga

Also known as Air Yoga, as simple as it sounds, Yoga in the Air! The big benefit of this class is “ZERO IMPACT” you don’t have to worry about any joint problems; it’s even said to ease chronic physical pain, emotional stress, and trauma.

2.Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is a form of Martial Art which offers solutions for all possible stages of combat. Resistance experienced in Jiu-Jitsu beats any intensive abs workout you have tried before. It also increases your muscle tone and endurance. Class attendees confirmed that it definitely reduces body fat, improves body balance and coordination.

3.TRX Suspension

The TRX class is slowly making its way into every fitness studio in Egypt. This class provides a total body resistance workout; you can literally work every muscle in your body with it! It’s a definite test for your core, develops one if you have none, and strengthens if you have one!


Wanted to be a gymnast when you were a kid? Well, this class can make you feel as flexible as one! Stronger bones improved coordination and a lower chance of disease, now who doesn’t want that…

5.Les Mills

Les Mills Bundle of Workout Classes offers something different for everyone. BODY PUMP, BODY BALANCE, BODY COMBAT, BODY JAM, CXWORX, RPM, and LES MILLS GRIT; Those classes cover almost every aspect of fitness from core work to full body resistance, to yoga balance. If you stick to attending all of LES MILLS classes, results will come easy!

6.Pole Fitness

The most controversial class in the fitness scene yet we’re starting to warm up to it! Empowering femme fatale with moves that are physically quite challenging. It also burns calories, builds confidence, decreases stress, increases joint mobility, increases flexibility, enhances sleep quality, develops stronger bones, promotes blood flow, develops body balance and coordination.


The Most Zen of them all! Although Yoga has only recently made it to the Egyptian Fitness Scene, it has been in the world for decades! And there’s a reason why it’s still going strong, the benefits of practicing YOGA ARE ENDLESS! It improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects the posture, protects the spine, betters the bone health, boosts the immunity, increases the heart rate, decreases blood pressure, improves body balance…etc You walk out of the Yoga Class relaxed, happier and looking forward to the next one!


CrossFit uses your own body weight for resistance in order to build strength all over. Similar to the concept of High Interval Intensity Training, Crossfit uses the same approach. No long hours, just you and your body. You will lose fat, gain muscle tone and overall mobility & strength. As you grow into Crossfit, you’ll be introduced to added weights and intense moves, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!


A workout made for you to make everything better in your life! It works your body at a low intensity and a low impact while you reap great results with time. Not only does it strengthen your core, but it also eases your back pain, enhances your sports performance, boosts your brain power, makes you more flexible, and sharpens your focus. Pilates gives you a lean and toned body.


For some, Zumba doesn’t feel like a workout! Well, it’s not if your idea of a good workout is boring repeated movements. Zumba combines dancing moves from several dance genres among which are hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, and mambo. The Perfect Combo of Fitness and Fun, it burns fat, improves coordination, gives you a full body workout, boosts your mood, and increases your confidence. This is not a workout, this is a PARTY!!


The blend of Rocky Balboa and Bruce Lee in a workout is no joke! Other than the fact that you’ll be able to protect yourself in self-defense, you’ll get stronger and fitter. Kickboxing is considered the ideal cross-training workout. Burn calories like crazy, boost your energy to levels you’ve never experience before and reduce life’s stress effects on you.


You might also know it as indoor cycling, or killer legs builder! The key to enjoying this class is an enthusiastic instructor and a beating rhythm throughout the ride. You won’t feel your legs after but you’ll be soaked in sweat feeling good about yourself and lighter on your feet.

No matter what class you choose to try, as long as you break a sweat a day, you’re doing it right! even if results is all you are after, DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE A GOOD TIME! Invite your friends to a class and make a memory out of it. If you tried any of the classes we mentioned, share with us your experience in the comments below.