Your Guide To Traveling Activities in Egypt

Your Guide To Traveling Activities in Egypt

Egypt is quite known for the gazillion-year-old monuments and the Pharaonic heritage. For some of us, this is not really the reason why we enjoy traveling around Egypt. Museums and history don’t really impress as much as nature. Egypt’s nature has made tourists travel great distances to enjoy and marvel at. Imagine how many outdoor activities you can do to actually enjoy the nature other than taking absolutely gorgeous pictures of!


Here are the TOP 10 outdoor activities and the best places to do them in Egypt:


1.Trekking & Hiking

Sinai is known for the most beautiful trekking and hiking trails, especially Mount Catherine trail and Mount Moses. The Euphoria you experience once you reach that mountain top is indescribable. It’s worth every step.


2.Diving & Snorkeling

With more than 500 diving centers and more than 300 diving sites, the Red Sea seems to impress everyone. Although Dahab is the most famous and popular diving site, Marsa Alam tops the list as it’s less crowded, perfect reefs and dazzling corals.


3.Rock Climbing

Not our most famous activity but with its growing community, it soon will be! Rock climbing is one of the hardest outdoor activities yet an enjoyable one. Nuweiba, South Sinai is quite popular for this, naturally inviting canyons and mountains with views worth the climb.


4.Hot Air Balloon Riding

It’s as magical as it looks in the pictures. Hot air balloon is quite a soothing experience and it’s definitely an activity not to be missed. Luxor is known for the best Hot air balloon rides.


5.Kite Surfing

Kite surfing takes the whole kite game to a whole new level! Let go of the land and hop on the surfing board and let your kite surf away. Ras Sudr might have made it late to the Kite Surfing scene but have proved to be the best at it! You can find excellent schools to learn and practice there.


6.Parasailing & Paragliding

Time to face your fears and let the parachute fly you in the air! Head to Hurghada for some Para Para Paradise Parasail and Paraglide time…



Gone with the wind in Egypt is quite an enjoyable experience. With several spots offering windsurfers of all levels; flat water, good reef breaks, and a sand spit break giving off waves up to four meters. El Tur, Sinai brings surfers from around the world to relish the wind and the waves.


8.Sand Boarding

It’s one thing to ride the beach waves; it’s another to ride the sand dunes! Sandboarding in Al Fayoum makes every desert expedition worth it.



It’s pointless to get in a jeep without heading to the desert and exploring the best camping spot. Safari excursions are popular around Egypt. Siwa Oasis is known to be the best desert destinations for a good Safari expedition.


10.Camel and Horseback riding

There’s nothing remotely close to a true Egyptian experience than to ride a camel or a horse around the pyramids in Giza.


Life in the outdoors makes one appreciate life in all its forms. So, from time to time invest in an outdoor expedition of some kind. It’s good for the heart and the soul. Plan your next trip around your favorite outdoor activity and makes some memories out of it.