BFM Guide: 2019 Spring Break Destinations

BFM Guide: 2019 Spring Break Destinations

Putting up a plan for your next travel destination may be hard, but the most devastating part is choosing WHERE to go ! Keeping up with the real world, the rising prices forced most of us to cancel our abroad vacation plans and search for a substitute that won’t force us to spend the last 4 paychecks. We decided to sort everything out for you, to help you choose your next checkpoint in Egypt based on your traveling purpose.

Now, you need to ask yourself one simple question, “Why do i want to travel?

Here’s a list of probable answers, to make it easier for you, if you’re seeking…

1. Isolation:

if you’ve been stressed by the busy lifestyle you’re living and want nothing but to get away from even the ringing sound of your phone, then Siwa Oasis is your place to be. Take a small group of close friends and head there. With the non-ending deserts, local people and the eye-catching sunrise views, you’ll find complete isolation from everything, even the mobile network won’t work there 80% of the time, which guarantees your main purpose.


2. New Adventures:

for all the adrenaline junkies out-there, this one goes for you. Dahab, South Sinai, will perfectly fulfil your wishes. From mountain hiking and snorkeling to mountain climbing and diving, wherever you go around this city, you’ll find a new adventure to go through. And to rest between each activity and the other, serenity places such three pools and Blue lagoon will reload your energy for the next step there.


3. Fun & Parties:

if you love keeping up with the social life while traveling and want to keep those Instagram and snapchat posts alive, then ElGouna is your suitable choice. This spot is considered the new North Coast. With so many places to awaken your hidden party animal, having an awesome time there is surely guaranteed. You’ll find beach parties, late parties, after parties..well, everything-parties. Also, the restaurants there are highly recommended.


4. All of the above:

If you’re a hesitant person-just like most of us- then you’ll find yourself even more confused after reaching this point of the article. Don’t sweat it ! we have the last option made specially for you; Ras Sudr! In case you want to have some time off, while trying new things and maintaining your social life on fleek, then pack your suitcase and head to Ras Sudr. This place has everything you’ll need and more. You could always Kite-surf your worries away there, then get ready for one of the unforgettable beach parties there.

Although there are many other options, but we thought about filtering the best ones. All that’s missing right now is for you to grab your laptop, reserve your chosen spot and get ready for your very own customized vacation. Last but not least, you should always keep in mind that every place could be the most boring destination or the place that holds your happy memories. Make sure you plan it right!