Ramadan’s Best Fashion Collections of 2019

Ramadan’s Best Fashion Collections of 2019

Seven is a lucky number and we are about to take a chance on these SEVEN fashionistas! Let’s start gambling, shall we?


Being the fashion-forward we are, there’s no way we are not keeping up with the trend- even during this holy month, Ramadan. While the protocol in Ramadan is to ‘cover up’, luckily for us, we’re gonna knock it right out of the park with these year-long go-to’s!

What are we talking about? KAFTANS! From the traditionalists, all the way to the fashionable looks, this piece of clothing is not done this month. It is moving on SEASONALLY.

Here are our SEVEN go-to Kaftan geniuses that will last you a lifetime.


SHE @shebyshereenbegermy READY TO WEAR LABEL

; Egypt|KSA|Oman|Lebanon

SHE by Shereen Begermy, better known as “The Arabian Princess”, founded in 2011. SHE is all about the look and feel of a true Arabian princess & what better way to celebrate true beauty than with these rocking Kaftans, fit for every season and every outfit.

Amina K @aminak_egypt

THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! Starting from a head to toe collection. Founded in 2009 by Amina Khalil, pushing the limits is her strong suit in all fashion aspects, but this Ramadan season she pulled out all the stops! Launching her latest collection, Piscean. Taking Kaftans to a whole other level; prints, stylish ruffled pants, black tier embroideries. You’ll definitely want these in your clothes rack!


BAZIC @bazic_onlinestore 

This little lady named Nada Mansour took the fashion world by storm at such a young age. BAZIC; Known for its simple, comfortable and affordable pieces, she uses Egypt’s finest fabrics to offer pieces that are practical for everyday use. I.E. KAFTANS! Check out her Instagram for more deets.


MEEMA by Menna Holail @meemabymennaholail

This is a fourth-coming fashion designer; named “Meema Holail” has all ranges of Kaftans fit for every woman. You call it, she has it. Bright colors, dark tones, classic, elegant, hop, cool you get my drift. You name it; she’s got it for ya! Dressing all the trendy girls this season, grab yours today to stay trendy!

Velvet designs @velvetdesigns_

Velvet Designs was founded in 2017 by, Mariam Hashem. Known for their hijabi-wear, Velvet designs outdo themselves. Starting from their elegant yet stylish ensembles right down to their casual outfits. We wouldn’t mind wearing these all year long! Definitely, some fun pieces to look out for when investing in NEW original wear!


Dress Code @dresscode

A Ready To Wear Fashion Line.

These kaftans are like no other, light lined fabrics ready for the heat wave we’re about to enter. Wear it on jeans or even sweats, very versatile yet extremely stylish.

Capa Women’s Wear @capawomenwear

Based in Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah, and Barcelona


Modest attire for the empowered woman of today. Found just last year, but has made a legendary name for themselves. They call themselves; #CapaFighters. This season, @aminakhalil the official model/actress is all over their profile if that doesn’t make a statement we don’t know what would. Grab your ‘Capa’ better known as inspiration in battles and strut your feminity right!


There you have it fashionistas! Better hop on that Kaftan wagon!