In memory of Nelson Mandela

In memory of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has inspired a lot of generations for decades to change the world , he achieved a lot of goals during his lifetime and until this day his goals are being achieved by others.


Here Are Mandela’s aspirations…


On July 18, every year, we celebrate Nelson Mandela’s International Day by making a difference in our communities. We all have the ability to change, develop, and serve the world! Mandela Day is an occasion for all to take action against inhumanity.

As Mandela always said “Free yourself, Free others and serve everyday”.

Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to the service of humanity.

There are a lot of NGOs in Egypt that follow the same path as Mandela’s …

And here are some of those Organizations that helped change our society and they’ve been serving everyday.

Egyptian Food Bank

“Together.. to eliminate hunger”

              Egyptian Food Bank

Egyptian Food Bank ,One of the most well known NGOs in Egypt. A neutral organization specialized in fighting hunger, through creating effective programs to address the problem of hunger in Egypt .


 Misr El Kheir Foundation

“Human development.. is our primary task”

          Misr ElKheir Foundation

Misr El Kheir Foundation , an organization that participates in the building and service of  humans  in the fields of health, scientific research, social solidarity and life, in the hope of eliminating unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and disease.


Egyptian Clothing Bank

“Together.. to provide clothing “

          Egyptian Clothing Bank

Egyptian Clothing Bank , One of the NGOs in Egypt specialized in providing clothing to the unable segments of the society .Their main goal is to provide clothing to every unable Egyptian by 2025.



“Youth, Hope , Development”

      Life Makers Organization

LIFE MAKERS Organization, an organization that seeks to change the concept of charitable work from helping to sustainability and development. LIFE MAKERS do not only provide charity and aid for the sake of giving, but enable the beneficiaries to rely on themselves, build their future, maintain their dignity and make a positive and tangible change in their lives.


Misr ElMahrousa Baladi Association

“ A leading educational development organization in a society that enjoys its rights”

         Misr ElMahrousa Baladi                               Association

Misr ElMahrousa Baladi association , their goal is to participate in the reform of developmental, and educational programs for children, youth and women to enable them to invest their resources, and the resources granted for them to achieve the happiness of individuals and the society collectively.

It’s time for everyone to take the step , start the change , make everyday a Mandela day.