Upcoming Rising Athletes.

Upcoming Rising Athletes.

Well as we’ve been all witnessing lately, Egypt has become a major hot-spot for Personal Trainers.

Everywhere you look there’s a new trainer. Anyone with the slightest hint of a fitness background joins the trend and makes a living out of it. Apart from those wannabes, there are the actual few who were professional athletes that made a career out of the sport they play and then decided to focus more on training other individuals and the youth.

Here are BAS FI MASR’s top picks for upcoming rising athletes.


Bassem Saeed Attia (The Hit Fitness Center Coach):

 This man’s reputation proceeds him by far. If you live in Alexandria then you know Bassem, it’s as simple as that.

Goes by “Bassem Hit”.  Bassem started off as a coach in Sporting club’s gym. After succeeding in gaining immense popularity. He then spend some time coaching a Volleyball team. Afterwards he went back to his fitness training roots. During his kick-off period a time where these kinds of training facilities weren’t yet trendy, he had to take a chance; subsequently, overcoming the biggest challenge he had taken on during his journey and ended up making his dream a major hit – pun intended.   



Gehad Fahmy (Freelance PT):

 Our next pick goes to an athlete turned personal trainer. Gehad was a professional Judo player; and one of the best in Alexandria for that matter. He also started going to the gym at a very early age, which gave him an appetite for weight-lifting. Putting on those muscle gains made him a beast in his chosen sport. I mean the man can bench press 360+ pounds for crying out loud!!

After deciding to drop judo and focus more on fitness, he turned to power-lifting for a short period, up-until he gained his PT certificate.

Now Gehad is a certified freelance personal trainer residing in Alexandria.



Akram Elsobky (Freelance PT):

Another athlete turned personal trainer. Akram Elsobky fell in love with basketball at a very young age, and decided to pursue the sport. He played for Sporting club for a while before going pro and getting called-up for the national first team.

Coach K -as he is popularly known now-  then fell in love with fitness and decided to follow his dream. He began his journey in the industry by getting his PT certificate, and started studying nutrition.

Now Coach K is one of the most popular personal trainers in Alexandria, has a Level3 fitness certificate and specializes in athletic nutrition. Be sure to catch his nutrition vlogs on Instagram.

Hats off to this man!



Mariam Metwally (Squash):

Our next pick is not a personal trainer, but still fits our description of Upcoming Rising Athlete.

Only 22 years young, Mariam already has a good eight years of Squash experience. She joined the PSA World Tour in 2011 and took off from there. Now eight years later, she is thriving in a prosperous professional career, with two titles under her belt and more to come!!



Asser El Sawaf (BeFit Coach):

This next athlete is the latest addition to the very elite BeFit coaching team.

Asser El Sawaf is a L1 & L2 certified CrossFit weightlifting specialist.

He started his fitness career back in 2012 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Yes, this man can do it all!

Asser started off in Alexandria where he got his first “Certified Fitness Trainer” certificate. His next step was a move to Cairo where he joined Aly Mazhar’s acclaimed coaching staff.



Ahmed Hossam (The Hit Fitness Center Coach):

Last on our list but definitely not least. Is the multi-talented Ahmed Hossam, commonly known as Johnny.

Johnny started working out at a very young age. He was only 12 years old when he joined the Swim team, which he shone at and stayed with the sport for almost 10 years. He then decided to give a go at Rugby, and joined the Eagles Rugby Club, and unsurprisingly he excelled at the sport, he even got called-up for the national team.

Johnny was named the fittest man in Alexandria back in 2016. I mean come on, the title speaks for itself. Ahmed is now more focused on training others to get the best out of them. He’s not done yet though, Johnny still participates in CrossFit competitions and is a trainer and one of the founders of The Hit Fitness Center.


That is it peeps!! Yes, those were our picks for Alexandrian Upcoming Rising Athletes. If you think we missed a few, then stay tuned for more articles from our Bas Fi Masr team!!