Your 2019 Summer Workout Guide.

Your 2019 Summer Workout Guide.

Yes, yes. We’re all still trying to get those Hemsworth-like chiseled abs.

After those first few weeks of Vacay we all get a little rusty, you are not alone friend; summer takes its toll on the best of us. And by mid-summer we’re left with this huge “Kersh” that leaves us barely fitting in our swimsuits. Have no fear dear friends, we at Bas Fi Masr will be your guide to that perfect Summer body.

Summer is a two-headed spear; those few who manage a good workout; in this gut wrenching heat and during those long summer days, lose weight as easily as losing your keys in the morning. On the other hand, those who do not break a sweat, start looking like potatoes by the end of the summer season – well, this article is for you.

Let us start with the lucky few who still study; meaning, still have summer vacations. Since you spend the majority of your summertime in “Sahel”, the best way to get rid of that extra belly fat is by trying to incorporate any sort of exercises in your daily routine. Take a morning run on the beach before the day starts, play racket ball or volley with your friends on the beach, whatever kind of exercise you might think off, it can never hurt.

On the other hand, those who have been working hard all year long for that nice summer body, well you have to maintain it. And luckily, you can. Every year, the best gyms and fitness centers from Cairo and Alexandria move to Sahel during the summer season. Weather its @Goldsgym.egypt at La Vista Bay, @befit360 at Hacienda, @la7gym at Seashell Playa or @TheHitFitness at Al-Alamin, the alternatives are endless to choose from.

Now to our hard working readers; who have time-consuming jobs, and want to maintain or reach that toned summer physique. Well for starters, you don’t spend most of your time in the North-Coast, so you should work on managing your time and exercise around your working-hours.

If you’re a lifter who wants to pack on those muscle gains, pick a gym that you feel comfortable at and that is conveniently close to you and stick to it. But if you’re more of a Cross-fitter who enjoys those high intensity workouts, there are plenty of Cross-fit centers all around Cairo and Alex. And if you are following the trending yoga wave that recently hit Egypt, that is also a good and relaxing way to exercise and clear your mind all at the same time.

Whichever outlet you choose and wherever you are this Summer, be sure to stay in-shape and motivated all Summer long.

Some tips for you during those hot Summer workouts are to: Stay hydrated all the time; don’t just wait till you’re thirsty to gobble that bottle of water, try to work-out in the outdoors between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM, wear light colored and loose cloths while exercising.

And always remember to never ever OVER-DO IT!! Do not overwork yourself. Stay safe, you’re not competing in next year’s Olympics.

All that is required here is to be healthy and feel good about ourselves. Work hard and have a good Summer.