Unpopular International Cuisines in Egypt

Unpopular International Cuisines in Egypt


We all love food, but when we eat the same thing over and over again, it’s inevitable to get bored! Even if the food is cooked in the best way possible…Boredom will hit you one way or another! So we thought, there must be a solution, one cannot simply GET BORED OF FOOD, RIGHT? We sent out our foodies to look for INTERNATIONAL Cuisines in Egypt and Guess What… WE FOUND THEM!


Here are 10 Cuisines we found and we definitely recommend you should try;


Thai Cuisine

international cuisinesIf you tasted Thai Food before, then you know the best thing about it is the balance of five flavors: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy. Thai cooks know how to pull off a flavor induced meal to rather leave quiet the impression!

Recommended Restaurant; Bird Cage, Cairo.


Indian Cuisine

international cuisines

The Rumor is true, INDIAN FOOD is spicy! Indian food introduces you to a whole new world of taste. Tongue tingling flavors with every spice used in every curry made. If you try Indian food and fall in love with it, don’t blame us for frequent bathroom visits, it’s probably just the spices working their way out.

Recommended Restaurant; Indira, Cairo.


Malaysian Cuisine

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Every dish in the Malaysian cuisine reflects multicultural heritage. So when you try the Malaysian cuisine, you get one heck of a cultural combo. It’s known to be aromatic and rich in flavor.

Recommended Restaurant; El Momtaza, Alexandria.


Japanese Cuisine

international cuisines

What we love about the Japanese cuisine is that everything seems to have a story behind it. As every dish has been twisted and turned over centuries. Japanese cuisine, unlike other cuisines, has certain traditions in preparation, presentation and even in the way of eating. It’s considered to be among the most refined cuisines.

Recommended Restaurant; Fuego


Chinese Cuisine

international cuisinesYou say Chinese and we automatically start seeing red lanterns with Chinese symbols. There’s something about the Chinese cuisine that makes every country have a CHINA TOWN of its own. It’s not only the food, but it’s also everything about their culture. The cuisine has several sections; Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern. Every part of China have developed their own version of Chinese food and it’s all worth the try!

Recommended Restaurant; 8 Chinese , Cairo.


Mexican Cuisine

international cuisines

The Mexican cuisine is known for its spicy fully flavored dishes. The Mexicans have truly mastered the blend of the right crunch, color, spices, and dips. Mexicans are the reason why Avocados are popular; Oh that heavenly Guacamole! You. Just. Gotta. Have. Some.

Recommended Restaurant; Maria’s, Cairo.


Brazilian Cuisine

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Brazil isn’t only about Rio’s carnival, exotic birds, colorful beaches, and football, the food is rather worthy of mentioning too! They are quite known for their ways of cooking the food. Or shall we say smoking and drying, to be more accurate.  You know you’re eating Brazilian food if a tropical fruit makes it to your plate!

Recommended Restaurant; Aqua e Luce, Cairo. 


Moroccan Cuisine

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Moroccan food is the kind of food if you start eating, you won’t stop! Let’s say, your taste buds will definitely appreciate this experience but your hips not so much. Our fellow Arabs, are known for slow cooking on hot coal to perfect the texture and flavor. The Tajine, The Couscous…The list of their delicious is endless and we’re already getting hungry…

Recommended Restaurant; Marrakech, Cairo.


Greek Cuisine

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The Greek culture has influenced Egypt in past centuries and that’s why their culture seems very familiar to us, especially in Alexandria. The Greek cuisine embraces simplicity in cooking and relies on the natural blends of beautiful delectable food. Greek food is known for the variety of texture from soft to crunchy, also the variety of flavors from subtle to full-bodied.

Recommended Restaurant; Santorini, Alexandria.


Turkish Cuisine

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Over the past decade, the invasion of Turkish Drama to the Egyptian culture has certainly taken quite an effect on the Egyptians! If you ask anyone about the Turkish cuisine, they will automatically start listing a table for you as if it’s being served right in front of them! Thank you Turkey, We do love your food and your Drama obviously! Some recommend the Turkish cuisine for a healthy lifestyle but you have to try it and see for yourself! We’re sitting here sipping Turkish coffee and can’t stop eating those delicious BAKLAVA pieces from heaven!

Recommended Restaurant; Osmanly, Cairo.


With all these options, you can never dare to say YOU ARE BORED OF FOOD! Moderation is key of course, but splurging every now and then on trying a new cuisine isn’t so bad. This is what we found, if you explore more international cuisines in Egypt, share them with us in a comment and we’ll definitely go try it!