The Open Mic Scene in Egypt

The Open Mic Scene in Egypt

Notably a piece of western culture,
the ‘Open Mic Night’ has ruled the night scene
for countless aspiring writers, poets, musicians and all-around performance artists.
An Open Mic is an event where any individual from the audience
can go up on stage and express themselves the way they know how.
The culture surrounding such a tradition has long embraced it
for its care-free and loose structure that paved the way for tons of people to perform without the pressure or stress of a traditional stage/show environment.
Open mic nights are usually held in cafés and bars.

Art and expression is a fundamental human trait.
We thrive on the opportunity to create.
Egypt has always been a hub for artists,
especially Cairo, but the open mic night was
nowhere to be found for most of its history. Until now.

Years ago, seldom were open mic nights held.
If they were, only a small sect of people somewhere
around the area would hear about it due to its obscurity as an art medium.
But now, cafés and bars all over Cairo are celebrating the tradition!
Tons of adults (mostly millennials) have shown interest in performing.
A lot of people who were once too shy or too unmotivated to develop their hobby have voiced their dissatisfaction for the lack of a medium that would allow them to express themselves.
Which evidently meant a market for any establishment that wished to hold an inexpensive event that would boost their business’ popularity and attendance. Along with those sit-down establishments, a couple of organizations have launched in hopes of organizing and holding these open mic events themselves. They would then find venues or open up one of their own.

Events happening this month

Egypt’s Poets Society – 3rd Annual Open Mic Night – July 4th which is today – Bedeyat Cultural Center in Heliopolis.

404 Launching Event (Open Mic & Exhibition) – July 11th also at Bedeyat.

Nashazz – Singing-only open mic night – Every Wednesday – AfriCairo art center in Downtown Cairo. They also host Open Jam sessions.

So there you go, many a vessels to help you kick-start
the artist within you that’s been dying to come out.
This open mic trend will encourage, inspire and entertain.
I for one can’t wait for the day I get the courage to go up there but for now I’ll take comfort in knowing there will always be a mic, a stage and a wholesome community of like-minded individuals that will hear what I have to say.