Night People; The Evening Bash

Night People; The Evening Bash

Night Owls: The Evening Bash


Just because the summer season is over, doesn’t mean you have to kiss the long dancing partying and fun nights goodbye, we still like to think that you can still enjoy your night in the city, mainly in Cairo and Alexandria.


What makes every season truly complete is the right tunes played every night, putting you on a rollercoaster of emotions with every beat you feel resuscitated as if an electric wave is moving through your body to keep you going.

So even if you think that no place can beat Sahel clubs, you can think again and dance while you’re at it in the comfort of your own city.

We gathered for you the top 7 spots you can hit Cairo and Alexandria for some soulful live music for you to dance, jump and sing along.


      1. Cairo Jazz Club – cairo


No better place to jazz up your night than the one and only “Cairo Jazz Club” but don’t let that fool you that the only genre played there is jazz, they got all genres of music covered, and if you love the underground music scene, you’ll love it even more!


     2. The Tap – Cairo


This place has Cairo covered from Sheikh Zayed all the way to Tagamo, with the music taste that will get you jamming all nigh long, everything from R&B to House music. The food there is nothing to skip, their wings are just the perfect to snack on all night.


      3. Amici Bar (Karaoke) – Cairo


We know that nothing comes close to the glamorous shower performances every morning and night but trust us, this one makes going out all worth it.

Get Amicified with the best karaoke in town, sing your heart and lungs out to your favorite 90s boombox beats.


      4. The Pint Lounge – Alexandria


Known to Alexandrians as their go-to weekend spot for a laid-back night, unwinding to timeless hits and trendy tunes, with a different guest DJ every weekend to pump things up, so if you’re in Mermaid Town, we’re suggesting a PINT you’ll never regret!


      5. The Lemon Tree &Co – Cairo


If the name doesn’t intrigue you then the scenery definitely will, at Lemon Tree &Co your nights will have an ambiance of its own, a Mediterranean one like no other from tantalizing aromatic food to refreshing tropical buzzing drinks accompanied with musical notes that hit every nerve you want to loosen up. We hope all the lemons you get in life is from this special lemon tree,



So… feel like it’s a hassle to plan for an exceptional night still? Pass on the planning and go for the right night under the disco city lights…#PunIntended