Egyptian Foodies To Follow in 2019!

Egyptian Foodies To Follow in 2019!

The most important thing that every Egyptian can agree on is that food makes any gathering worthwhile, it just gives an unforgettable taste.

Whether you decide to cook the food yourself, or order out, or even go out to the newest restaurant on the block; food will always carry a type of incomparable excitement that nothing else can compete with!

The craze of food blogging started a few years back and everyone suddenly became obsessed with taking pictures of their plates, one can’t simply order and eat right away, there’s a step in the process that can never be missed nowadays to take THAT MOUTHWATERING PICTURE to share with everyone on their Instagram and Facebook newsfeed!

Now we all have to admit that the ones who decided to be food bloggers and dedicate their time to food blogging with recommending new places to visit, new dishes to try and new recipes to cook are to some of us some kind of foodie angels, they guide you to the ultimate food satisfaction and they curb all kinds of cravings sweet, sour and savory….

Here are the top 10 food bloggers to follow in 2019, follow them and they shall take you on a heavenly journey to reach a whole new level of food indulgence and satisfaction!


1.Noha Emad; @noha.kitshe

From Middle Eastern recipes to European ones, Noha Emad fills her newsfeed daily with decadent dishes that make you want to bring out the chef in you. Every dish is presented in the easiest way of a recipe over her stories and highlights! You better follow her especially if you believe the best meal of the day is breakfast because she gives it quite a delicious twist!


2.Egyptian FoodIEs; @egyfoodies

Your foodie go-to guide to the best places to eat around the nation, they don’t just recommend places, they recommend dishes and they even go on discovery tours just to bring all their followers the best and newest dishes being cooked and served cold and hot!


3.CAIRO FOODIE COUPLE; @cairofoodiecouple

This couple “The Terzibashians” are like no other! They share the love of food and traveling with their followers, bringing them recommendations not just in Egypt but from all over the world as well, so you don’t only get to enjoy food in your hometown but also everywhere you visit abroad too!


4.Food With Soli; @RamySoli

What we truly love about Ramy is his untraditional recipes and creations with ingredients as simple as coffee yet so aromatic and rich in taste. He even sheds the light about the tastiest fast food meals who might be dense in calories but so worth getting hips for!


5.Salma Saleh; @salma_saleh_gamal

#MBCTOPCHEF finalist, recipe developer, certified chef and a true baker at heart. Salma Saleh brings back the good old-fashioned Egyptian dishes back to life. She doesn’t only feed your love for food but also your love for life through the beauty of cooking and experimenting! Follow her especially if you aspire to be a Chef someday…


6.Aya & Alaa El Garhy; @foodistaegypt

The sisters’ food blog shows you how siblings share their love for food through every meal experience. El Garhy sisters food blog doesn’t only give off food reviews but it exudes a certain warmth that can only be felt around family. They definitely reflect the true meaning behind “Sharing is Caring” when it comes to sharing a meal together.


7.Sara El Refaie; @kitchen_Keys

Sara El Refaie definitely owns up to the name of her food blog, she definitely has the keys to the kitchen… The kitchen where all scrumptious and delicious flavors come out to satisfy all tastes. She introduces to her followers simple approaches to cooking with easy techniques…Now, who wouldn’t want that!


8.Eman Naguib; @emannaguibs

As a food stylist, Eman has grown a relationship with food through her camera lens and she shares it with her followers. She took that admiration to the next level reviewing and recommending restaurants and diners.  So we trust her big time especially with her own creations and eye for detail, nothing seems to short from perfect!


9.Omar’s Food Blog; @Omarsfood

Omar’s food should be our food too! You would say the same thing if your newsfeed gets filled some of the moist watering dishes a screen can ever show! Lucious and soul-satisfying food in every corner of his food blog. He’s definitely the one to follow to guarantee a satisfied belly.


10.Victoria’s Plant-Based Lifestyle; @sincerelyv_plantbased

An integrative nutrition health coach who recently made a major change in her lifestyle by going completely plant-based. All foodies who love food yet care about their health should follow Victoria without thinking twice. She offers quite a good balance between indulgement and hearty healthy nutrition, exactly what our bodies need.

Do you have a personal favorite from the food bloggers we mentioned? Are you considered a food blogger?  Do other food bloggers come to mind when reading this? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll definitely update you with more very soon!