When you’re all hungry there’s that friend who always wants pizza,
that person can have pizza for dinner,
lunch or breakfast. If you’re that person, this one is for you.

We gathered our pizzaholics at Bas Fi Masr, and we came up with a list having some of our favorite pizza places.
Here it goes, and in no specific order:

1-Maison Thomas (Cairo)

Looking for a fancy dinner in Cairo? Maison Thomas is the place to go.
It’s a 50s themed restaurant, all with the chessboard floor, high tables and old doors.
Maison Thomas has a variety of pizzas to choose from, all are delicious,
all are worth your while.
Personal Favorite: Monaco Pizza

2-Basilico (Alexandria)

At Basilico, you’ll have a little bit of Italy with you,
the mouth-watering pizza taste, the chefs’ personal touch, the outdoor seating.
Most of Basilico’s pizzas are absolutely one of a kind and its taste stuck with us for quite a few days.
Personal favorite: Funghi Pizza

3-utti Matti (Cairo , Alexandria)

Tutti Matti brought Rome home… Twice!
Tutti Matti is an all Italian restaurant, where the chefs always top your expectations with their art and expertise to create the authentic Italian pizza. Tutti Matti offers their finest thin crust pizza with their freshly made tomato sauce rich in fresh basil taste, sprinkled with flavorsome mozzarella cheese that satisfies your taste-buds. To top it off Tutti Matti’s newest branch is now located at Tivoli Dome Alexandria by the sea.
Personal favorite: Tutti Matti Pizza

4-Vinny’s Pizza (Cairo)

Vinny’s chefs thrive on being extra, and we love them for it. They put extra cheese on everything, their pizzas are extra large, and when they went full on extra they made a pizza pie that’ll take hours to finish.
Personal favorite: Hot Chicken Pizza

5-Vapiano (Cairo)

“We trust in this crust” this is one of the quotes from Vapiano,
and we couldn’t agree more to be honest. Every pizza we tasted at Vapiano’s is simply a treat.
We 100% recommend.
Personal favorite: Bruscheta

6-900 Degrees (Cairo)

The amazing folks over at 900 Degrees always pride that their pizza is amazing because of 3 reasons:
crust, love and ingredients. Whatever the reasons are, we’re in love with
all their pizzas.
Personal favorite: Bianca

7-Chez Gabi (Alexandria)

An Alexandrian landmark, if you’re in Alex for the day you have to try it. It’s one of the most friendly places around, and their pizzas are incredibly unique.
Having dinner there is an amazing experience on its own.
personal favorite : ll ritrovo

Tell us which places we missed in the comments, where your-go-to place is.