10 Egyptian Food Bloggers & Why We Love Them

10 Egyptian Food Bloggers & Why We Love Them

Food Blogging is one of the few perfect jobs out there,

imagine getting paid to give your opinion on food.
I scroll through a few food bloggers Instagram accounts
and I ask myself what a wonderful world.


Being always on the search
for a good meal is
an essential part of our identity as Egyptians,


which is why with the help of these food nerds to guide you
through the ins-and-outs of this world. Find low-key restaurants,
with incredible menus and special plates or sandwiches you never had the guts to try.

Here are some of the biggest food bloggers we could find: 


1) The Hungry  Giraffe Eats 

The world’s first “Giraffe FoodBlogger” and food photographer.
This giraffe has the photography skills to make you quit a diet you started two hours ago,
add to that an impeccable taste in food and constantly having food you’ve never tried before. 


** Checking this account is not preferred after 12 am ** 


2) The Foodies – بتوع الأكل 

These three Egyptian Youtubers located in Egypt, UAE, and UK have united to
create a channel to express their love of food..
All three are well known Youtubers,
and have a very creative way to tell their stories across 3 countries in the same videos.
They’ve been around for under 3 months but
created some really great videos and undeniable buzz.



3) Cairo Munch

This Cairo-based food aficionado is here to make the statement
that it’s okay to gain the weight,
if you’re gonna eat something that looks this good.
Turns out, you can judge a book by its cover.
His choices are always on point, we would honestly follow him anywhere there is food.


4) Taste & Tell 

With Naira being a certified chef and all,
she is bound to give some really solid advice.
Naira delights us some great tips & tricks for recipes,
and her go-to-restaurants always stick the landing.
Naira’s Instagram account is simply a treat for all foodies out there.


5) Foodistaegypt 

The two sisters Aya and Alaa El Garhy Instagram account
is a gift that keeps on giving, they’ve been around
for a long time delivering some amazing recipes,
fresh foodie destinations and the coziness
we expect from two sisters. Foodistaegypt is everything you’re expecting it to be and more.


6) Amr Sherif 

One of the most famous Food Vloggers in Egypt,
Amr is famous for reviewing whole menus of a franchise in one video.
Amr is more a friend than a food vlogger, his advice is earnest and simple.
He also makes 100% long videos to find out what the best sandwiches in Egypt are. 


7) The Food Review

Passant’s accounts feels very intimate and personal, of course she has an exquisite taste in food. From Sushi to home cooked banquets, Passant’s radar doesn’t let anything go. Any plate or sandwich that is Passant approved, is automatically Bas Fi Masr approved.


8) Essamyat

Essam is a young Alexandrian Youtuber that is obsessed with food. For the most part he reviews food from Alexandrian places. His positive vibes and realness have gained him hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. Essam is honest and fun and we think he has a long way to go as a food vlogger.


9) Ramy Soliman

Ramy’s Instagram bio writes “A full-time foodie
with a goal to make you drool”. Well Ramy, goal achieved.
Ramy’s Instagram account is like a sneak peak to food heaven.
Ramy is great with words,
if the pictures he posts are not enough to make you hungry, his caption absolutely will.


 10) Bite & Brag 

Last but not least, the ever so talented Mariam Mohsen.
Mariam’s Bit & Brag is a foodie’s dream Instagram account to follow.
Mariam reviews all types of food,
gives the best tips, and eats with a passion that shows. 


Tell us if there is another food vlogger or blogger
you love and we missed, no wrong answers,
just put them over here in the comments.