Exploring Egypt’s Hidden Gems!

Exploring Egypt’s Hidden Gems!

Have you been planning to travel the past few months, only considering the hottest destinations to visit in Egypt this time of year, whether it may be “Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Shiekh, Marsa Alam, Siwa Oasis…etc”, well we don’t really blame you, those destinations are a work of art, but we need to let you in on a little secret, there are more beautiful traveling destinations in Egypt other than the ones we’re used to.

So in the name of supporting the “Unpopular Opinion” trend, we bring you the “Unpopular Spots” yet gorgeous ones to light!


Here are the top 5 traveling destinations, you need to visit this Mid-Year vacation;


Al Minya

minya egypt


Known as the Bride of upper Egypt, home to legendary icons such as Taha Hussein the writer, Ammar El Sherei the musician and Huda Al Sha’arawi the leading feminist. There’s so much heritage to discover especially if you’re big on history, in the city of Bahnasa, which holds countless monuments from different Egyptian eras, and even modern monuments, with mansions and buildings that have been a part of our culture for a more than a century now. If you don’t mind long walks by the Nile while enjoying the delicious taste of the best molasses in Egypt and gazing at rich green landscapes, then better adjust your Destination!



damietta egypt

Where salty meets sweet, the Nile river joins streams with the Meditteranean sea. It consists of three main areas: Damietta, New Damietta and Ras Al-Bar which is famous for its port and clear swimming water which is a one of a kind. Also, it has always been known for its rich fishing fleet. Also, being the home of the loved Egyptian dessert Meshabek and original white cheese. So if you feel like swimming in refreshing waters, enjoying delicious seafood, and munching on some traditional Meshabek, then head to Damietta without thinking twice!


Kharga Oasis – New Valley

kharga oasis egypt

The City of Sand Castles; the most miraculous thing one has ever seen. With palm trees in every picture frame, the dates enticing smell fill your lungs up as soon as you’re engulfed in the oasis’s atmosphere. With traveling to the Oasis consider yourself with a ticket to a desert journey like none you have taken before! Stargazing as you relax in the warmest thermal springs among historic attractions of every kind in every corner.



Ismailia Egypt

Known as the “The City of Beauty and Enchantment”, made you curious there, right!? Yes, it did definitely earn its title in case you were wondering, and you’ll definitely agree once you get there! Filled with a large number of gardens, Ismailia has grown to become the most charming cities in Egypt. Especially with its beautiful outstanding European style in clean well-organized streets and neighborhoods. It is a wonderful destination to travel to especially if you have “Tour Egypt” on your bucket list.


Tanta – Al Gharbia

Tanta Egypt

Keeping the best for last! Tanta is famous for its BIG SWEET CELEBRATION “Moulid El Sayid El Badawy”. A favorite destination for the Sufism population in Egypt to visit El Sayed El Badawy Mosque. During this celebration, everyone eats sugar coated nuts known as “Hubb El-Azziz” and so much more sweet goodies! Add to that, being home to the oldest museum in Egypt which opened back in 1913. The museum hosts pharaonic, Greco-roman, Coptic and Islamic displays. If you feel like traveling to a place to have a remarkable memory, then Tanta is a definite choice!


We are certainly changing our plans for the upcoming Mid-Year Vacation, Will you?! You think there’s more to Egypt’s beauty than the destinations we mentioned? Don’t hesitate to share them with us in a comment! Soon enough we’ll visit all the cities around Egypt to channel the true beauty of our Motherland! #TrueBeauty #BasFiMasr